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Salem's Famous Trans-Witch and Psychic! Skilled in Palmistry, Mediumship, Tarot card and Tea leaf readings. 

Carlotta Marie is native to East Boston, raised in a very traditional Italian family her roots are in Italian folk magic  Stregoneria, and Benedicaria. As fate had it Carlotta made her home in Salem MA, where she now works as a Psychic reader and conjure witch. In addition to Italian magic, Carlotta has access to the Salem community, and resources, she has been able to study many other magical traditions as well.


Carlotta is available for an in-person Psychic Tarot reading in Salem MA, Or a phone reading.




 Call (978)219-9171 Carlotta is always available for Psychic Readings Monday- Sunday 11AM-10Pm  All Psychic readings are nonrefundable

*Venus's passionate love
* Wealth of Jupiter
* Justice of Themis
* Protection of the Fates
* Kora's fertility of spring

* Healing
* Success
* Jinks breaker of the sun
* Full moon 
* Divine union
* Neptune's prophetic dream
* Chamomile Tea
* Green Tea 
* Strawberry Tea 
* Raspberry Tea 
* Jasmine Tea 

* Hibiscus
Strega Conjure Oils

Carlotta Marie is available for private over the phone readings .

Be aware that during peak Sept- Oct season, availability is very limited.

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* Sucess
* Passionate love of Venus
* Evil eye protection
* Healing

* Money
* Psychic ability 
*Kora's Fertility
* Prophetic dreams
* Lust of Eros 
* Victory of Mars 

* Blessings of the Spirits
* Sucess
* Luck 
* Love
* Evil eye protection
* Healing

* Money
* Psychic ability 
* Fertility
* Prophetic dreams
* Jinks Breaker of the sun
* Glory of the sun
* Secrets of the Moon

* Blessings of the Spirits
Tarot Card of the day!

Card of the day description is the 6 of wands! The 6 of wands is Jupiter in Leo. Fire of Fire! Victory over your obstacles. carefully cucullated plans going in the right direction backed up by success and Forchion. 

Video of Carlotta Marie!
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