Batu Caves

Graeme and I striking a pose and sweating our butts off! How was my hair down!?

These monkeys just ready for any bits of food!

My baby Doris and I having a cuddle. 🙂

So this mornings rainy day post is featuring our day visiting The Batu Caves. This must-see tourist destination is just 20 minutes from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. I highly suggest for anyone traveling throughout South East Asia to take a side trip to visit this stunning limestone structure.

As fortunate as we are to work aboard a cruise ship this particular day was extra special. During our time with Mariner of The Seas we were working three and four day cruises, which meant a lot of work within port days. Every time we ported outside of Kuala Lumpur, Alex and I were either on duty, catching up on other duties, or trying to have a day off. Luckily, this day we were able to get on a crew tour to the caves. I was thrilled! I really didn’t think we’d be able to visit this tourist location at all. So the entire day all I felt was grateful.

The bus ride from the port is about an hour to the caves. You’re welcomed with water, wet wipes, and a poncho for emergencies. The poncho was not needed, instead I could’ve used about twenty wet wipes because I was soaked in my own sweat! Malaysia is a VERY hot country! I always carry cooling wipes, iced cold water, and a fan. 🙂

There is NO entrance fee to the caves, which I thought was so kind. You do however must cover your legs! I rented a long scarf for a very affordable price.

Make sure you’re wearing comfortable and durable shoes because there are 272 STEPS all the way up to the top of the hill, but the view is worth it. Along the way beware the MONKEYS! Oh my goodness, everyone had told me about the monkeys but I didn’t think it was going to be this bad. For some reason they just loved me! In a bad way! One actually went after my foot and I quickly ran away screaming like a little kid! Don’t feed them, and just don’t make eye contact. I was petrified, but I am wuss! :p

Once inside the caves we found ourselves in the middle of a full on prayer. So many people were chanting with their arms up in the air just loving life. It was really cool. I captured a few of the moments on my GoPro, but I don’t think it will suffice the energy those people were giving.

This day was great, and if you’re ever on a Royal Caribbean cruise stopping in Kuala Lumpur make sure to sign up for this trip. It’s worth every penny!

To book your cruise to visit The Batu Caves visit Royal Caribbean

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