A Day in Hong Kong

Have you ever heard the saying: “A Hong Kong second, is a New York minute…”? Well, it’s completely true. Hong Kong is such a busy city that it makes you feel like you’re in a total dream. Everything is happening so fast all at once. This city is constantly moving at every moment it has to offer to the world, to the tourists that seek their way to it, and to the locals that are able to live up to the true Hong Kong standards. This city is wild, impeccable, honest, and so full of value. Hong Kong is everything, and you must experience this epic world for yourself!

During a ten-day cruise to Shanghai from Singapore we stopped in this bustling city. Hong Kong is actually where we signed-on to the ship back on October 11th, 2016. The day before we enter the Mariner of The Seas, I forced Alex and I to venture around the city in an utterly jet-lagged state. I video recorded the whole day, so I’ll post that later. But for now, this post is about our 12-hour day in HKG.

We first stopped at one of Hong Kong’s many Man Mo Temples. The Wen Wu Temple is known for the worships of two gods combined. Man Tai for the worship of literature, and Mo Tai for the worship of martial. The Wen Wu Temple is small and beautifully filled decorated with incense and calming vibes.

Soon after we made our way to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. It’s quite the hike to the top of the monastery so make sure you are wearing durable shoes, have a bottle of water handy, and to pace yourself. We stopped a lot to take pictures, yet soon realized we had to basically run up the hill because the site was about to close! We were lucky that it was near closing hours because we were the only two people there, which made for pretty pictures and feeling especially blessed to visit this must-do location.

You’ll judge us for the next thing I say, but we stopped at Jamie Oliver’s for dinner! I KNOW! We were in Hong Kong and ate at Jamie Oliver’s! Mind you the food was decent, but we definitely could’ve tried out some local Hong Kong delicacies instead of the Italian sorts of Mr. Oliver. We were starving, and it happened to be connected to a mall that we were at, so we thought, whatever! Rather have a full belly then be hangry!

It was the perfect evening for the ‘Symphony of Lights’ show held over the Victoria Harbour. We watched the show standing outside in front of the Hong Kong Art Museum. We snuggled because it was a little chilly out, and thoroughly enjoyed the light and audio show.

We ended the evening in the Lan Kwai Fond area having drinks with our friends from the ship. It was a great way to end the perfect 12 hours in all that is Hong Kong!

To cruise to Hong Kong visit Royal Caribbean for more information!

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I’m wearing an anello backpack that I purchased in Singapore. My blue and white top was purchased at TopShop Petite, my blue and white striped skirt is from Aritzia, and my necklace is from Oak & Fort.

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