Japanese Cherry Blossom


 The Japanese Cherry Blossom season is a widely renowned time of the year. All of the citizens of Japan praise over the Sakura season, and I’ve always wanted to experience this season myself. I’ve been to Japan twice before while touring with Disney On Ice, and during those visits we were working in the July and August months. This year however, Alex and I were so blessed to finally understand all the feelings and energy of the Cherry Blossom season. Our ship ported in Fukuoka, Japan for an overnight stop. It was the coldest port day we had yet. I was bundled up in my cute jacket from Plenty, and had my Chelsea tuque on, a Christmas gift from Alex. We were strolling through the streets of Fukuoka after an experience at Ichiran, which I will post about later, and came across a small park filled with Cherry Blossom trees. We were in awe. All of the locals were taking selfies, posing with their families, and really embracing this time of the year. I felt so blessed to witness this atmosphere and especially to experience it ourselves. I think if you were ever to plan a trip to Japan, it absolutely has to be during Sakura season, or at least at the end of the season, because once it rains all those beautiful flowers disappear for yet another year. I come from a climate that blooms with the Cherry Blossom trees, but I’ve never noticed them like I have during this day. The appreciation from the locals alone is something I’ll never forget.

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