Gardens by The Bay

Do you want to feel like you’re living in an organic and sustainable city? If so, then you need to live in Singapore! Singapore has developed a massive garden that can keep the city clean, strong, and fresh. The Gardens by The Bay has fresh fluid greenery from the land to the sky. They have constructed huge metal blooming trees where there are hundreds of different plants growing all year long keeping the city’s air clean and consistent.

Visiting this monument of South East Asia was a dream. For those of us that live in places of North American where we are covered in lush greenery don’t think of the cities around the world that just live under a cloud. Us Northerners are very lucky! I think that’s why I use to be so sensitive moving city to city touring around The United States. I grew up on The Queen Charlotte Islands (now known as Haida Gwaii), and the island is quite isolated from pollution so I was blessed with breathing in the best quality of air from the time of birth. I moved to Prince George at the age of twelve, and my little immune system was shocked. I was literally sick all the time. Bronchitis, tonsillitis, the flu, head colds, everything. I know it sounds so cliche, but the only time I felt safe and healthy was on the ice. Either way, living in that state was not ideal compared to the crisp air of West Coast BC. Don’t get me wrong, Prince George is a beautiful city, with lots of ‘Beautiful British Columbia’ traits, but there are a lot of mills in the surrounding areas and my body didn’t quite like that in my early years. Over the years I’ve slowly adjusted to the shocks of new city air, and my little immune system can handle it now.

I’ve always been in awe of Singapore, yet The Gardens by The Bay is the future! I believe every major city in the world should follow the impact on how the locals of Singapore are doing their utmost best to keep the city strong for years to come.

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