The Sanctuary of Truth

Visiting The Sanctuary of Truth was a last minute decision, and we are so happy we did it! This trip was during our overnight in Laem Chabang, Thailand, which is the hub port for a trip to Bangkok. We stayed in Pattaya at The Cape Dara Resort. The staff at The Cape Dara were so helpful to Alex and I, and organized a private van to the Floating Market and The Sanctuary of Truth.

The temple was located about ten minutes north of the resort located perfectly along the beach. The trek to the temple was short and stunning. You walked through a pretty jungle of Thai trees, down a dirt path passing horses and goats, and once you made your way to the end you are welcomed with the sight of the most stunning temple you will ever see in Thailand. Honestly, this place had every small detail possible. I believe the details were even comparable to Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia. There was thought and desire put into every inch of this glorious sanctuary.

When visiting the magnificent temple you must wear a hard hat due to the unfinished construction as well as a wrap to cover your legs. You can ride an elephant for a small price and hire a photographer. We opted out of this, mostly because the elephants looked tired and thirsty, and shouldn’t be used like that.

The Sanctuary of Truth is an all-wood structure covered with Buddhist and Hindu motifs. It stands 105 meters high and it is said to be completed in 2050.

I hope one day I can go back to view the finished project, I know it would be worth the trip!

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