The Lake Life

The lake life. This is a saying that I never grew up with. I was born and raised on The Queen Charlotte Islands located on the west coast of British Columbia. Life there was filled with surrounding mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and many Canadian wildlife such as bears, deer, whales, and bald-eagles. I would say I was lucky growing up in such a stunning setting of the world, and honestly, as a world-traveler, nothing compares to the sights of West Coast British Columbia. There’s a certain calming effect about living next to the ocean and within the Rocky Mountains. You’re the richest person in the world, and you don’t even know it. You don’t care about the hustle and bustle of living in the city, you care about how your fishing trip is going to be, or how many king crabs will be in your crab trap. You care more about what trail you’re going to hike next, or what type of animal you’ll be able to spot. Life on the West Coast is earthy, free, and pure. However, for most people in the world, this natural habitat is something that is hard to come by, so the lake life is where it’s at.

My friend Brittney, the same familiar bride that has been within my last few posts, has always spoke about the lake life in Northern Ontario, and Muskoka Lake is the lake to reside. Once I visited this miraculous beauty I knew why. There’s a sort of comforting history within this area, and the atmosphere is so appreciative. The people of Muskoka are down to earth, happy, and high on life. Most people who own a cottage within The Lake of Bays are either rich, or have had their cottage passed down within the family. In Brittney’s case, her Great-Grandfather bought their estate for a mere $8000 back in the early 1900s and built the cottage himself. Their cottage is a home. In British Columbia we call our lake/mountain homes cabins, which I would say are smaller and cuter, whereas a cottage is a large cabin home, with more amenities and space. I could be wrong in describing the differences mostly because I never had the luxury of owning a cabin nor a cottage, but from personal experience this is what I’ve come to realize.

Alex and I were lucky enough to be invited to Brittney’s cottage the evening after her wedding. We’ve been friends for over ten years, so it was time we finally got a taste of the Muskoka Living. We had a tour of The Lake of Bays area by her brother Brady and his girlfriend, and he even took us to the Dorset Lookout Tower that stands at 100 feet high! The views of Muskoka Lake was amazing! It was fairly windy up there, and a storm was rolling in, but the view itself was awesome!

I can’t wait until our next visit to Northern Ontario, and fingers crossed Brittney and her amazing Coggins family will invite us back for another amazing weekend at The Lake of Bays, Ontario!

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