Port Cunnington Lodge

Karley was really excited about finding this feather!

The morning of Brittney’s wedding she organized a yoga session held on this dock.

The large dock on the right is where Brittney and Jordan held their wedding ceremony.

The Port Cunnington Lodge is located within a large cove. This resort is huge!

Karley and I hanging out on the dock.

The beach and lawn where Brittney and Jordan had their first dance.

Alex and Jamie FLIPPED their canoe!

Brittney and Mariana reuniting was a special moment.

Mariana and Jamie out for a morning paddle.

 These dock spiders were HUGE!

Our city babes Tiffany and Mark testing out the waters in the canoe and hoping to catch a fish!


Ontario cottage living, sounds inviting doesn’t it? I have always heard of the hype of cottage country from my Ontario friends and relatives. My grandparents owned cottage and I was lucky enough to visit it twice in my life before they sold the estate. Their cottage was three stories high, located on the waters of Tobermory, Ontario. Here, at Port Cunnington Lodge we are located within the Lake of Bays, Ontario.

Brittney, my bestie that just got married, held her wedding weekend on Muskoka Lake. Also home to her family cottage and her husbands family cottage. So of course it was only fitting for them to tie the knot breathing in the Muskoka air!

Port Cunnington Lodge did an amazing job with hosting Brittney’s guests. The cottages within this resort are absolutely STUNNING, and nearly every single cottage is completely different than the other all named after various types of birds you can find within the area.

We were lucky enough to roam the Muskoka waters freely by renting canoes. My silly husband Alex, and Karley’s boyfriend Jamie, flipped their canoe within 50 meters from the beach! Everyone thought it was hilarious as the entire wedding guest list witnessed this from the shore. Alex, by the way, has the loudest and most contagious laugh, so his fun and wild energy cascaded throughout the resorts properties, making everyone smile.

Our first day of activities were mostly filled with meeting Brittney and Jordan’s family and friends, and reuniting with our besties from tour. The weekend was truly filled with love, celebration, and lots of wine and beer!

If I ever have the invite to return to Port Cunnington Lodge, I would take the opportunity in a heartbeat!

For more information on Port Cunnington Lodge, click here.

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