The Barker Wedding

My beautiful friends Jamie, Karley, Mariana, and Jacob.

I loved this photo booth! Such a cute backdrop that matched the bridesmaid dresses!

I love this photo of Alex. The angle is kind of different, but that makes it better!

Two photos of the stunning Karley Blair.

The lawn of Port Cunnington Lodge where Britt + Jord had their first dance.

Apparently Jamie and Tiger Woods are twins!

Just look at the bride and that dress! All the lace details were stunning. So happy for you Brittney.

Brittney + Mar sharing a special moment on the dance floor.

These two cuties Mark + Tiffany. Love them so much!

Tour family at it’s finest. KarleyTiffanyAlexmyself, + Mariana. <3

On June 17th, 2017 my best babe Brittney Coggins married the love of her life, Mr. Jordan Barker. I’ve known Brittney since the day we met at the mere age of 17 on September 3rd, 2006. Lakeland, Florida is where our friendship began, and also the start of our magical lives. We toured with Disney On Ice together for four years until Brittney retired from the addicting life of professional figure skating. Brittney’s time with Disney was a true fairytale. With her family owning a condo in Florida, and having spent most of her childhood and adolescent life (and future years) at Disney World, she was destined to be a Disney Princess. Even landing the fitting role as one of Ariel’s sisters, and portraying the role as Princess Belle during media events, she would always stand out even as a tuna fish or pirate with her adoring bright brown eyes, and a smile for days.

The summer of 2008 we toured Australia and Brittney had met the man of her dreams on vacation at home. She always smiled coyly over the thought of Jordan, and always counted down the days until she could see him again. Over the next few years of her career on the road Jordan would surprise Brittney all over the world. Whether we were touring the frozen and forgotten cities of America, or across the globe in Europe, Jordan’s love for Brittney was without a doubt real.

Once Brittney left Disney On Ice, it was like loosing a sister by my side. She always made the atmosphere in the make-up room and on the ice comfortable and fun. I always looked up to the way she was a natural  Disney star. Brittney knows the true meaning of family, and especially had a way of always being loyal to her companions. I’ll never forget the time she surprised me one week in Montreal, I nearly fainted! I always knew we were best buds, but that visit really showed her value in our friendship. Or the winter when Alex and I spent two whole weeks in her and Jordans first apartment together downtown Toronto. Brittney and Jordan went out of their way to welcome Alex and I into their home, throw a surprise birthday party for me, and made sure we felt loved during the Christmas holidays. The two of them together are the most thoughtful team, they always look out for those near and dear to their hearts.

The Barker wedding was hands down the celebration of the summer! Guests were welcomed with detailed directional signs to the resort, the beauty of Lake Muskoka, and the love of Brittney and Jordan’s families. The men of the group had been welcomed with a Lake of Bays Brewery tour and the surrounding areas, and of course the lades took advantage of the shining sun! During the first evening at the resort a welcome barbecue was held and became a huge success. We roasted marshmallows, listened to country music, and thoroughly enjoyed every second. It was the perfect time to catch up, be silly, and enjoy the lake life.

Brittney and Jordan were married beneath a handmade arch built by the groomsmen, with a floral arrangement decorated by her Mom. The weather cooperated exceptionally well just in time for the ceremony, including an angelic beam of sunlight streaming down as they said ‘I do’. The ceremony was emotional, sincere, and authentic, all of which describes The Barkers.

Their first dance was held on the lawn of the resort overlooking the lake. It was the perfect setting as they swayed to a tune performed by her hometown friend and bridesmaid Katie and her husband. During that moment every one gazed over the newlyweds, it was a special moment for everyone.

As dinner and speeches commenced, the tears started pouring from all of those around the room. The words from their friends and families were so touching. It was admiring to listen to the gracious words that blessed Brittney and Jordan’s future together.

In true Barker style the party lasted until the early hours of the evening. With the bride and groom held in chairs above their friends heads, pumping them up for their life together, and a mosh pit of football players going insane to the iconic song ‘Shout’. It was a party to remember, and one that I know Britt + Jordan will never forget!

Being a tour bestie is like being your closest relative, and luckily the five of us could make the event. We had been touring together for over four years, and within that time we grew a bond so strong, that not even our ‘toe picks’ could break it! We travelled together, performed together, lived together, and grew together. Being tour friends you know all the good and all the bad, and we still accept one another as family, so much that no matter how far away we live from each other, or how long it’s been since we’ve last spoke, we can pick it up right where we left off better than any other friendship!

Thank you Britt + Jord for having us celebrate your life together. From the summer of 2008, to many more years to come, your life will always be a fairytale. Love you both!


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  1. Britt Barker (Coggins)
    July 13, 2017 / 5:16 pm

    Ahhhh my beautiful Lotta. You are so talented!!! Thank you for flying out to share our special weekend with us. We are so lucky to have you and Alex in our lives. This post sums up just how special the weekend was and how special our friendship is. Couldnt have asked for a better friend to share my Disney experience with, or better son (hehe) I cannot wait to make more memories with you and our HUSBANDS (abhhhhh)

    Love you across the world & back 🌎 ❤️

    • carlottaedwards
      July 14, 2017 / 2:59 pm

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! It was an honour to attend your big day, and a blessing to be your bestie! Love you lots!

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