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If you read my last post you’ll know that Alex and I visited Ontario’s Lake of Bays stunning scenery. However, on our way to Muskoka Lake for Brittney’s wedding we were driving in from downtown Toronto. Of course being from out of town we hit the 407 toll highway! Opps! So that set us back an hour trying to get off the 407 and take a toll free route to cottage country. With a few hours in to the drive we were starving! Not knowing the roads, or what was ahead of us we decided to just cruise straight into the next city, but out of nowhere a highway restaurant comes into view and it was PACKED! I seriously had never seen a highway side stop restaurant that packed before! We tried to turn around, and make it an easy process to fill our curiousity, but with our lack of time and feeling ‘hangry’ we gave up and continued on our way.

During the weekend at Port Cunnington Lodge we asked everyone what that busy restaurant was called, and the infamous burger joint was named ‘Webers’. Everyone that we asked said we HAD to go on our way back! I was so excited to test out this burger. I probably have a burger about twice a year, but this year I’ve been burger obsessed. I try not to eat meat, but when I need to feel sane and human, I eat a burger and fries!

Webers was just awesome! With easy parking on either side of the highway, and a overhead crosswalk specifically built for the customers of Webers, it’s welcoming from the start. We showed up just as a huge group of students arrived, so I thought the wait was going to be extremely long. Yet, with their efficient system of having one girl go out into the customer line, make all the orders, check the orders in, have another staff member ready for change, and two more Webers members carefully preparing the burgers, it was a smooth ordering experience! I ordered a regular cheeseburger burger and a chocolate milkshake. I definitely went all out for my first meal of the day! They also have a TRAIN that they turned into a dining area and a state of the art bathroom facilities! Honestly the cleanest public bathroom I’ve ever been in!

There was definitely something special about this burger. It tasted like it had been made with love! And you know this place is cool when they have their own Canada Roots clothing line!

I feel so lucky that Alex and I got to experience a Webers burger! Hopefully we’ll be back in Ontario in the near future so we can have another burger for breakfast!

For more information on Webers, click here.

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