Juneau, The First Visit

Juneau is the capital of Alaska with a population of nearly 33,000 people! Juneau is quaint, natural, and a town with so much to offer. They’ve done an impeccable job with building downtown Juneau as a perfect stop for cruise ship tourists. The options of outdoor activities are endless, which makes me skeptic that we may not have enough time, or snow, to check off each activity.

This stop however, was the first time we stepped on Juneau soil.

Our cast wrapped up a long day of rehearsals, that made us hungry for the Alaskan air and food. We waited in line at a busy and incredibly expensive restaurant, but sadly we did not get a table. Instead, we trekked through the town for something a little more affordable and less formal. Alex spotted fish and chips, so we ventured to an ocean front tent that sold salmon, halibut, and rock fish tacos! It was amazing! The food was just what we craved and the beer tasted like the best reward after a vigorous day. Deckhand Dave’s is a food truck with a tent covering their costumers, and a fishing boat shaped bar. They’ve done a great job with their business, and I can’t wait to go back for more!

I’m so happy most of our cast members were present for our first meal off the ship together. It was nice to bond together off the ship. Everyone was on the same page and knew exactly what they wanted, beer and fish tacos.


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