Tracy Arm Fjord


I come from Northern British Columbia, and never in my life have I viewed a glacier. Again, another reason as to why I’m so grateful to be living and working aboard The Explorer of The Seas. The itinerary within this contract is unlike any other contract that is offered to ice skaters in the world. We travel to Alaska, spend the night in San Fransisco, enjoy a few days in Hawaii, bask in the sun within Fuji, and experience lively Sydney. And the most exciting part of it all, is that we have just started this contract!

During the first week of rehearsals Alex and I woke up within the early hours of the morning to view the Tracy Arm Fjord and glacier. It was stunning! I walked out on to the deck and was in shock. The blues of the glacier were unlike any shades of blue I had ever seen. The misty clouds hanging above the mountains were a perfect touch to the scenery. If there is anyone in the world that is grateful for the beauty of British Columbia and Alaska it would be Alex. He’s calm and content when we visit these places, yet he’s also giddy and alive with excitement. For myself, I never realized how beautiful my “back-yard” really was until I saw many other places in the world.

I was so happy that we woke to enjoy this view before our day had started, it was a good reminder of how beautiful this life really is.

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