Herbert Glacier


Hey guys! Today I’m sharing photos from our little adventure to Herbert Glacier in Juneau, Alaska! I still can’t believe that I actually walked on a glacier, and drank pure glacier water! We booked this trip on a last minute decision and we are so happy that opportunity came about. We shared the experience with our dear friends Suzy and Mate. I wanted to cry tears of joy while I watched Suzy freak out over the beauty of Alaska. Her sheer gratitude of the trip was so inspiring. She has loved every second of our West Coast cruises, which makes me love my home province even more. 🙂

At the start of the excursion we were bused to the Juneau Airport where we watched a safety video and was fitted for our spike boots. There were a few guests from the ship that recognized us and were excited that we were about the share the same experience as them. As we made our way to the helicopters I was so nervous! I basically army crawled my way under the propellers and into the front window seat of the helicopter.

The views from above of Juneau were spectacular! We filmed the entire trip with our GoPro, so I’ll be sure to share that soon!

This experience was literally life changing. The shock of it all is that the glaciers will one day be gone, so to have the chance to walk on them, drink the water, and view them from above was a memory I’ll cherish forever!

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Lots of love, Lotta xo

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