Skagway, Alaska

Welcome to Skagway, Alaska! I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever visit a quaint town like this! During the tourist season a total of 800 people reside here, and in the cold winter months, a whopping 300 people stay. I have fond memories of Skagway, and I truly hope you enjoy these photos.

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Hey guys! So it’s been quite sometime since I’ve visited my blog to be honest. I feel like I’ve been on another planet since I joined Explorer that I’ve forgotten that I have an awesome blog that actually brings me lots of happiness.

Happiness. This is something I struggle to find on a day to day basis. I have confidence issues, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I live in a world where I am constantly judging myself. I find myself stressing that my professional time on the ice is near the end, and then I start wondering if I’ve done enough. It’s a wild rollercoaster that I put myself through, and trust me, Alex hates it. I usually tell people I go day by day and try to make the most of each day. Especially the show days. These are the ones that are my favourite. Performing for an audience that is appreciative of what I do and can do. But I always want more. One of my supervisors said to me earlier this year to be aware of my self-worth, and that I have nothing to worry about or prove. Whereas, I’m always telling myself to be better, do better, and there’s always more to learn. I know I work hard, and I know I’m motivated, yet when I mess up or things don’t work out as planned I get upset and start the stress all over again. I soon tend to forget that the things I’m working on make me happy. Skating makes me happy. Writing this post makes me happy. Waking up to Alex makes me happy. Traveling makes me happy. So why do I end up on the ‘un-happy’ train every now then? Someone once told me that our bodies, mind, and soul are all construction sites, and that we are always building and adding to the site. I try to remind myself that no one is perfect, even my most valuable role models aren’t perfect, but at least they’re something to look up to. I always wanted to be that show girl that everyone looked up to. Respected, and approached. I feel like I’ve lost that attribute about myself lately. So, here I am starting with the search to find myself again, and my happiness, by admitting my faults. My lack of confidence, my continuous stress, my search to find ultimate happiness.

I’ve started with a gratitude journal. I write in it every night before I go to bed. I write down three things that I’m grateful for that either happened in the day or what I’m really appreciative of. It can be a person that really touched me that day, or the weather, or something that happened in the show that made me think of how amazing my job is, or simply my husband. I feel like this little habit has slowly made me feel happier and more gratitude.

I’ve also started a book that resonates around ‘creating my story’. Working with the story I have and making it better. I’ll let you know how that book helps me as I go along…

What are ways for you to find happiness? I’d love the feedback! Comment below if you have any suggestions.

Lots of love, Lotta xo



  1. September 17, 2017 / 9:37 pm

    I love reading your blog and looking at the photos you post. So jealous of the beautiful places you get to visit!! ☺️
    I definitely struggle like you.. there are so many positive things in life yet sometimes you have those days where you feel crappy and don’t know why! I don’t think Instagram helps, we’re always comparing ourselves to others.. but it seems you have a truly incredible life and job, just gotta live it and enjoy it. 😄 The gratitude journal sounds like a great idea, I might try that!

  2. kayleelynne
    September 19, 2017 / 7:12 pm

    YOU are amazing, and one of the strongest people I know. I wish you all the happiness and strength in the world, and I truly hope you can look in the mirror one day and see how freaking amazing you are!
    I love your idea of writing three things a day that you’re happy about or make you happy, sometimes at the end of the week I forget about all the good and dwell on the bad… . I may just have to start this also. ❤️😘

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