A Day in Honolulu

During our Pacific Ocean crossing cruise, our first port of call was the stunning Honolulu, Hawaii! We had been waiting for this moment for what felt like years! I had never visited Hawaii in my life so this was a very exciting day for me. 🙂

We rented a Jeep, which we thought was the best way to see all the highlights of the island. We drove around the majority of island, but we didn’t have as much time as we thought. However we did stop at Hanauma Bay, which unfortunately had no room for parking so we were forced to continue our journey and take photos of the area at a view-point. We stopped at the gorgeous views of Nu’uanu Pali, and all the top beaches along the way. Sadly we didn’t make it to Pearl Harbour. We wanted to have a quick look at the outer area of the memorial, but Google Maps sent us the complete wrong way! Apparently it happens to so many tourists, so of course we had been caught in the exact same confusion. I have a feeling we’ll be back there again one day, so I’m not too worried about missing out on Pearl Harbour.

After returning the Jeep we ordered an uber and made our way to a luau! We booked our luau at Cheif’s Luau. This place was amazing. We were a little late, but the staff welcomed us with the happiest of smiles and the most beautiful flowered leis I had ever seen. As we walked into the luau there was a flower and leaf crown station, a man with fire entertaining other guests, souvenir stalls, delicious drinks, and lots of happy people. We were seated at the centre of all the other tables and felt extra special with our location. They cost a little bit extra, but it was well worth the money!

The show was fantastic. All the singers and dancers were absolutely spectacular and just filled the air with love. The sun went down in the most perfect way glistening on to the surrounding mountains and the distant ocean. When I come back to Honolulu, Alex and I will definitely book another luau at Cheif’s Luau to re-live this special evening.

After the luau we decided we had to stop at Waikiki Beach. So we asked our uber driver to take us to a bar that was beautiful and located right on the beach. He suggested the Mai Tai Bar in The Royal Hawaiian Resort. It was perfect! Literally located right on the beach. We ordered two drinks each, and walked along the beach. We decided to walk around the shopping area to grab some souvenirs. We ended up finding a cute hole in-the-wall pizza place that served the best pizza ever! You’d think we were full from the feast we had earlier in the evening, but this pizza smelled too good to pass up. We ordered our pizza, and another uber back to the ship, and left Honolulu with happy and delightful memories. 🙂

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Thanks again for stopping by! I’m loving the support and kindness!

Lots of love, Lotta xo


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