Reflecting on 2017

It’s January 6th, 2018 and I’m sitting here still reminiscing about 2017. The past year was an adventure. I truly can’t believe all the exciting things Alex and I got to experience within the year. The year went by so fast purely because we were busy, excited, happy, and grateful. Here is a recap of my twelve months of 2017.


At the start of this month I had my friend Nikki cruise with me on the Mariner of The Seas. We had the best time and I was so happy to have a friend from home visit me on the ship!

We visited The Batu Caves + The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Spent a day visiting venturing around Langkawi, Malaysia visiting The Cable Car + The Seven Wells Waterfalls.

Had an over-night trip to Bangkok with our friends Doris, Graeme, + Hana. It was definitely a night in Bangkok to remember! We met up with our friend Sachiko from our days with Disney On Ice.


We organized a cast day in Langkawi, Malaysia where we rented jet-skis! This was an awesome time! And so good to see our cast together laughing and making memories.

Alex and I did a shore excursion and headed to James Bond Island from Phuket, Thailand. I remember the sun scorching down on us, but the views being spectacular! The bus ride to the ferry was my favourite part. We got to see more of Phuket than I had ever expected.

Scuba-diving! I was so stoked to finally go scuba-diving in Phuket, Thailand. The water was so clear. I had never seen anything like it before. I felt like a mermaid!

For Valentine’s Day Alex gifting me a GoPro Hero Black 5! This GoPro has captured so many memories within the year.


We started this month with a shore dive in Phuket, Thailand at Ao Sane Beach. It wasn’t the best for visibility, but at least we got to check off our first shore dive!

During our last stop to Langkawi, Malaysia we spent the day on a boat tour checking out all the major sites that Langkawi has to offer.

Over night in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand! We did two amazing dives as soon as we arrived. We literally got off the ferry and hopped on a boat that took us to two great dive spots. We stayed in a brand new hotel away from the crazy partying Ko Phi Phi has to offer, but we still made the effort to enjoy ourselves on this spectacular party island! We woke up early to catch the sunrise, and also hiked up to the highest viewpoint of Ko Phi Phi! It was a struggle as it was so hot, but once we reached the top the effort and heat was so worth it!

Another over-night, but this time in Pattaya, Thailand! We stayed at this amazing resort called Cape Dara and absolutely treated ourselves! Check out my blog post on this resort here.

DRY-DOCK! We had a ten-day dry-dock break in Singapore! We worked fire-watch during the early morning and afternoon hours, and in between we spent the days properly exploring Singapore. We went to Sentosa Island, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Aquarium, and walked around all the best spots of the city. Check out my blog post on Singapore here.


We made it to JAPAN! Alex and I were like little kids when we finally reached Japan! We really couldn’t wait to try all the yummy Japanese treats, restaurants, and just be in the stunning and happy country.

Hong-Kong! We had a short over-night period in Japan, but were still about to spend the entire day venturing around and ending the day with a few drinks in the most popular bar are of the city. Check out my Hong-Kong blog post here.

Shanghai, China. Alex and I finally had the courage to venture to the sky-line views of Shanghai. So happy we got this picture! Check out my Instagram post here.


Alex’s 28th birthday! For this celebration we started it off by going to The Ritz Carlton downtown Shanghai, China for brunch! The views from this spot was even better from the riverfront! I also planned a party for him on the ship where everyone in our cast helped me decorate one of the training rooms with balloons, streamers, fun Japanese stuff, and the biggest cake you have ever seen! It was such a great party for Alex and all of our friends.

Signed-off The Mariner of The Seas! I was so excited to get home and breathe in the fresh Canadian air!


STARTED THIS BLOG! Cannot believe it’s been over six months since I started this blog, I cannot wait to see how it grows this year! I’m so determined!

Got the lob! My hair was SO long and it was time for a change! It was so worth it getting this hair-cut!

Blackpool bound! So I wasn’t suppose to visit Alex during this break, but I missed him so much I couldn’t help myself but to book a trip to see him before our friends wedding. I spent a few days with him in Blackpool, then we headed to SPAIN for a mini honey-moon! Check out that blog post here.

BRITT + JORD’S WEDDING! Alex and I had been literally counting down the days until this trip! We were so stoked to meet up with our friends and visit my Dad’s side of the family. For a blog post of Britt + Jord’s wedding, click here.


Joined The EXPLORER of The Seas!


Stepped onto ALASKAN soil! Joining this ship was a dream come true, especially since it brought us to Alaska.
Walked on a GLACIER! WOW! Never thought this would happen in my life! I live in Northern British Columbia so you’d think I had already stepped foot onto a glacier, but nope, Alaskan Glaciers were the first! This was a HUGE bucket list checked off for me! Check out the blog post here.

We also hiked to Upper Dewey Lake, top of Juneau Mountain, went whale watching in Juneau, Alaska, spent the day at The Taku Lodge, and ate enormous king crab in Skagway, Alaska!

CELEBRATED our ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY! WOW! The year really went by SO fast! All the memories we shared within the first year. I’m so in love and so grateful for this life!


Checked off another new state – OREGON! We had one day only to venture around Astoria, Oregon. Truly a quaint town that had so much to offer! I’ll do a throw back post on that city soon! 😉

THREE over-nights in San Fransisco! This was actually the best thing ever! We got to do all the fun San Fransisco activities that we had always dreamed about. Rented a convertible and drove on The Golden Gate Bridge with the top down! Rented e-Bikes and literally biked around the whole city to places we had never seen before! I’ll do a throw back blog post on this soon as well! 😉


CROSSING THE PACIFIC OCEAN! Oh my goodness, 23-days of crossing the Pacific!

‘ROCK OF EDGES’!!! My talented and inspiring husband created, produced, and choreographed his very own ice skating show. We performed it during the crossing to the Top Tier Guests and our crew. It was a huge hit! I’m so happy for him!

Hawaii! I will do a blog post on this as well! It was SO amazing to finally step foot onto Hawaiian soil! 🙂

FIJI! Finally visited the land of Fiji!



One of the best memories I have for this month was visiting the I-Cola Village in Suva, Fiji. We danced with the locals, ate food, and really got a taste of their every day life. The kids were adorable and the people were so kind. This day really touched my heart.


Brisbane, Australia! Alex finally got to hold a koala and watch a kangaroo hop around! We visited the Koala Sanctuary and it is an absolute must excursion if you are ever in Brisbane. I’ll do a post on this as well! 🙂

Melbourne, Australia! We visited our family friends from Disney On Ice! Kho, Mel + Scully, and their kids. This day I had been counting down for nearly a year. I couldn’t wait to see them again as they made a huge impact on my life while skating for Disney On Ice. We also met up with Nikki who had cruised with us on Mariner!

Hobart, Tasmania! YA! Finally touched down in Tasmania! I honestly never ever thought in my life that I would get to chance to go there. Life is so exciting!

My 29th BIRTHDAY! Alex put together a party for me on the ship filled with games, friends, good laughter, and love! The day of my birthday we were in Sydney and he surprised me with a helicopter tour over the city!

NIKKI + GREG’S CRUISE! I had literally been counting down for this cruise to be able to hang out with my girl Nikki and get to know her amazing boyfriend Greg!

CHRISTMAS! Alex spoiled me this Christmas with diamond earrings and a new iPad! I got him the Samsung Watch and Bose Bluetooth headphones! We really spoil each-other! :p

NYE! It’s always SO emotional ending the year as we reflect on the good times, the lessons learned, the friends made, and the ones you feel like you’re leaving behind. But as you start the new year, resolutions are made, gratitude is filled for a chance to live another year, and a time to change and build yourself as a new and better person. Happy New Year’s my friends, may all your dreams come true for 2018!

Thank you for reading friends! Stay tuned for MORE posts from me! Love you loads!

Love, Lotta xoxo


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