Astoria, Oregon


Hello friends! I hope everyone had an amazing day today, or if you’re on the other side of the world, I hope you had a great sleep! 🙂 Today I’m sharing photos from our one and only day exploring Astoria, Oregon back in September. Another fun throwback post! 🙂

Astoria is a cute, quaint, and extremely friendly town. We got off the ship bright and early and had breakfast at this adorable cafe called Street 14 Cafe that I will link here. The food was delicious and the service was great!

To be honest, Alex and I had no idea what to do during that day. We wanted to head over to Cannon Beach, but we had a busy morning on the ship and didn’t have time to plan it out properly. Really, the only safe and reliable way for us to get there was through a Shore Excursion that we hadn’t booked. Next time!

So we looked up the best things to do while we had breakfast.

First we walked all the way to the Astoria Column. It was quite a trek, but given the beauty of the town we enjoyed it very much. The weather wasn’t too hot either, so that helped a lot. We purchased little paper planes, wrote our names on them, walked to the to of the column, and sent them off!

We then proceeded to walk to the Cathedral Tree, and I was so scared! I thought it was so weird that we were the only ones on the trail, it really started to spook me out. Again, totally safe town, but my mind certainly likes to play tricks on me. We found the huge tree and also found some other people exploring through the forest, which made me happy.

Have you ever seen Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well this film was shot here and as soon as I saw the school it brought me back to my childhood watching that movie in my living room! The school is gorgeous!

We kept trekking along and found a cute cafe with great coffee! We bought a mug as a souvenir and some chocolate.

As we walked back towards the ship along the river front and we came across seals, beautiful homes, and lots of cute stores and markets. There is a cute Riverfront Trolley service that brings you up and down the town. We decide not to be lazy walk the entire way, but I was so tired after! Astoria really is a great town to port in and explore. I’d love to come back one day! 🙂

Thanks for reading and stopping by friends! Smile lots today!

Lots of love, Lotta xo

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