Sydney Royal Botanic Garden

Hi friends! 🙂

So I’m going through a learning experience this week. About ten days ago I announced my YouTube page. However, just like any other new YouTuber I used a song for my travel diary that I did not have the rights to use. I’d like to monetize my account, and to do that you must use royalty free music, or obtain a license to use such song. Opps! Lesson number one complete! I felt pretty stupid about it, but once I did tons of research it totally makes sense. So come March 5th, I will officially post my FIRST VIDEO that contains royalty free music that I used from Epidemic Sound. I purchased a subscription to use their tracks, and it allows me to monetize my videos with their music. The music is actually really good, and perfect for my upcoming travel diaries and blogs. I do hope you guys check out my video on March 5th, as well as take the time to watch my updated video on Manly Beach. I’ve picked an upbeat and happy track that still gives me the feels for that day.

Here are photos of our morning walk around The Royal Botanic Gardens. Silly me changed some settings on the camera and kind of messed up the photo quality… again, another lesson learnt! :p I made a few presets for this day that somewhat covered up the damaged quality of the photos. Let me know what you think!

Again, stay tuned for Monday, March 5th!

Lots of love, Lotta xo

P.S. THESE BIRDS REALLY FREAK ME OUT! They literally roam around the city like their just casual pigeons, but they’re like dinosaur birds!


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