Have you ever swam to the bottom of the ocean to send a post card? I HAVE! And I never ever thought it was possible! This was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had, and there really wasn’t much to it! In Port Vila, Vanuatu there is a special little island called ‘HideAway Island’ that is private, beautiful, serene, quaint, and clever. The snorkelling is stunning, there is a dive shop onsite, the drinks are perfect, and the food is great! You can also stay here because it’s a resort!

From the port we took a taxi that charged us $50 AUS. It was about 30 minutes to get to the small dock of HideAway Island. We then got on a small boat with the most happy looking man that escorted us to the island. The admission fee for the island was $15 AUS each and the post cards were $7 AUS each. Well worth it! This day was awesome! I’m so grateful for this island and the joys it brought me!

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