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As we made our way up Mount Wellington we got so excited by the very first look-out point! We flew the drone for a few seconds and realized it was probably too windy! Either way, this view was stunning!

I captured this beautiful photo of my friend Suzy.

I ran around these rocks like a little kid!

Loving the tone of this photo. It’s clear and crisp with a hint of pink!

It was so cold and windy! Lots of snuggles up here!

I love my friends!

On our way down the mountain we stopped to take in the view once again.

I love this photo. The bird, the tree, the sky.

He’s my cutie.

Alex was filming me twirling around and an old man approached us wanting to take our photo. This is what he captured. I like it.



To be honest, I haven’t kept track of how many countries I have been to. I know it’s a lot, and more than millions of people will ever get to visit, but visiting Tasmania was a true highlight of the list. I felt home. I felt like I belonged. The pure essence of calm, nature, greenery, surrounding waters, friendly locals, the aesthetic homes, everything. There was something in the air that made me feel comfortable. I honestly could live there despite how far away it is from my family. Because I feel like my family would love it just as much. I’m an outdoors girl. I basically grew up fishing, hiking, mushroom picking, clam digging, camping, you name it, we did it all. I grew up on the Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia, so in a sense my heart longs for a place that is secluded, like Tasmania. Not connected, but aware of it’s surrounding life. Alive, and living it’s best life. I have a feeling I’ll be visiting Tasmania again. 

So on this beautiful March day, we decided to rent a car and make our way up to the top of Mount Wellington. It was stunning! In my VLOG you will see that we were stuck in a cloud and literally sat in the car for 20 minutes waiting for it to lift. However, we couldn’t wait any longer and just decided to go for a walk. Well it was freezing! I had done my research and knew that it was going to be somewhat cooler at the top than in the city, but it was MUCH cooler than I expected! WIND! So much wind! We were freezing our butts off! But we didn’t care, because when the clouds lifted slightly and the sun came shining through and we caught a glimpse of what Tasmania had to offer, we were grateful. So grateful that we were able to experience this together. 

Here is a link to the small shipping container cafe we stopped at on the way up! This place was amazing! Make sure you get the spinach tart and chai tea latte! 

Also, check out this link for cruises that stop in Hobart! 

For more information on the city itself click here. 

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