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 | Lifou, Loyalty Island | 

Lifou was a very special port for Alex and I. We always took advantage of spending the day here. A lot of other crew members weren’t keen on this port, and yes, I can see why. It’s another beach. Another small port with not much to do. Overpriced drinks, coconuts for days, the usual hair braiding stands, and a tender operation to top it off. Sounds inviting for some, yet for others it’s enough to brush it aside and use this port as a day to cure your hangover or do laundry. Alex and I loved it here! It was easy! Get on a tender in the middle of the day, walk a few steps to the left or right and bam theres sand and water! Lay down your towel, put some music on, set up the Spike-Ball, and we’re good for an afternoon of vitamin D! 

What we did in Lifou: 

Jajinya Cave – As you leave the tender boat, continue your walk up the small hill where the cars and buses enter the main market area. You will see a sign that guides you to the cave or the bay. Go to your right for Jajinya Cave! Continue walking about five to ten minutes and you’ll pass a church. Once you’ve walked passed the church go to your left and you will see a small sign as well as locals offering guided tours. You don’t need a tour guide to walk you down a steep jungle path! They will however make you pay a small entrance fee. I believe we paid about $5-$10 USD. Like I said, the walk down to the cave is steep and can be slippery, but all you want in the world while you’re walking down is to jump in the water because it’s so hot in Lifou! There may be a lot of people hanging out in the grotto area, but don’t worry about them, wait your turn and take jump in the cool water! 

Jinek Bay – Again, as you walk up the main hill take a left to Jinek Bay. This is a beautiful bay full of many different types of fish. It was stunning! I’m so glad we checked this off the list! You will have to pay a small fee as well to snorkel in the bay, and they will give you a noodle because it is quite shallow and you don’t want to touch the reef with your belly or your feet! 

Lifou Cathedral – I had my eyes on this Cathedral since the first day we sailed into this port. I wanted to hike up there so badly, and we saved it for our last visit. I was so surprised how easy it was to get there (in my video I’m basically passing out) however, it only took about 10-20 minutes to walk to the top from the main market. Enjoy the views! 

Swimming/Day on the beach – You can lay out on the beach either on the left or right side of the tender barge. Most of the guests go towards the left (facing the market or right facing the ship) to spend the day. It’s more spread out and a good view of the ship. Or towards the right (facing the market or left facing the ship) you’ll find quieter spots to hang out. 

I wish we were in Lifou longer enough to water the sunset. I feel like the colours of the port would stand out different and capture the type of photos I wanted. Taking pictures in the harsh sun was difficult to edit, however I feel like I did a decent job editing my blog photos to my liking! 

Thank you again for stopping by and checking out my site! I really appreciate it! Please stay tuned for more posts coming up because I have a Mystery Island VLOG and an Explorer of The Seas SHIP TOUR VLOG on it’s way! 

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