Today I’m looking back on the years I’ve spent with Willy Bietak Productions. At the end of this month will mark four years where Alex and I have performed aboard six different ships all the while traveling around the world. We’ve not only grown as an adagio pair team, but we’ve grown as people, as friends, as husband and wife. We’ve made friends that have become family. We’ve added to the list of countries visited. We’ve established a healthy working environment together. We’ve shared the spotlight. The list goes on. When will this chapter end? We have no idea. For now we take this life day by day and really embrace what has been given to us. The chance to do what we love, and do it together. The chance to seek adventure. The chance to live a life millions of people strive for.

During this install period of our sixth ship it was all about calm and reflection for me. Chris Mabee, a Canadian Figure Skating Champion and a true sweetheart in the professional world of ice skating was our leader and mentor for the production. The experience with Chris was exactly what I needed. He was reassuring, he was calm, he was supportive, he was motivating. He believed in me and he believed in our cast. He believed we could shine. Come opening week us as a cast shined, smiled and performed our hearts out. Me personally I skated knowing that I was happy with myself. Happy knowing that I am proud of where I am today. Proud of who I’ve become. Proud of what I’ve accomplished. Proud of what has happened to me in my life and striving above and becoming a strong and grateful individual.

Alex and I were also so fortunate to perform for our boss, Sylvia. We had performed for her only once before, so the four shows where we shined were overwhelming. Every performance was emotional for me and I wanted to show that I cared about this job and the opportunities she has given to us. So thank you Sylvia for this! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Below I’m finally sharing a ‘Show Reel’ I made back in November 2017 and have never had the courage to share. So here is it, here is what I am proud of.

Below are more photos from the show Spirits of The Seasons on Explorer of The Seas with Royal Caribbean.

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Love, Lotta xo


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