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12 Things 

I’ve been writing about the ‘Joys’ I’ve encountered each month, and to be honest, I’ve skipped a few months. So, here I am redeeming myself and noting ’12 Things’ that stand out to me within the months of April and May. 

  1. The beginning of April was the first time I had been home in over eight months. It was needed. My family is awesome. They are laid-back, low-key, happy. Life is easy for them because they don’t have high standards, they expect nothing in life, which brings them happiness. Home is so refreshing. It’s exactly what I need to recharge once or twice a year. 
  2. I signed on to my 6th ship with Royal Caribbean. Voyager of The Seas is the first ship of the fleet to open with a skating rink. People believe it to be “old”. However, regardless of the aged ship, I LOVE the show. 
  3. Alex and I skate as the “Lover Pair”. I’ve had my eyes on this solo for the last few years, and to finally put it to life with Alex is magical. All the feelings come out of me when I perform this solo.
  4. We skate eight shows a week. Some people may think that isn’t a lot of shows, yet some people may think it’s too many. I believe that it’s the perfect amount. I could however be happy with performing more. I love skating. I really have a passion for it. This contract, this show, this solo has widened my life and love for skating. All the while sharing this with my husband. 
  5. We joined the ship during a re-positioning cruise. She sailed from Sydney to Singapore. During rehearsals we had Darwin as a day off. I was very grateful to check off another Australian city off the list, as well as spend the day with our friends Moris + Michael. 
  6. Every contract Alex and I have an adventure to Ikea. We buy the same set of drawers each time. There is always a debate about the bedding we choose. 
  7. Acai bowls are everything. 
  8. I’m slowly transitioning into becoming fully vegatarian. Mostly because I fear the quality of meat served on the ship, and animal cruelty is not cool. 
  9. I’m obsessed with ‘The Crown’. I have it on in the background while doing my make-up before every show. I feel as though I’m traveling in time. And I love the dialogue of the show. 
  10. We have 9 Singapore stops in June. I’m so happy about this. I’ve made a list of all the places I want to visit and blog about. Stay tuned. 
  11. My cousin is pregnant. I cannot wait to meet her first child in October! 
  12. We have five months left on this ship. I’m not counting down at all because being here is meant to be. Everything has lined up perfectly. And to top it off my Mom and Brother are visiting in August! 

I hope you liked my photos of our time visiting Mystery Island, Vanuatu. Fun fact, the locals do not live here. They travel all the food, drinks, market souvenirs, everything by boat each time a ship sails in. The locals are kind and content with life. There is an airport on the island that is just flat grassland. I’ve watched many small planes fly in here. It’s the wildest thing! A beer is $8 USD. Worth it on a hot day, but definitely expensive. We didn’t do one excursion here. Sad, but it was always a day where Alex and I would skate open ice, and skating makes us happy! 

Please check out our VLOG on our last day in Mystery Island. The coconuts are so good here! 🙂 

Thanks again for stopping by friends! 

Lots of love, Lotta xo 

To book a cruise to Mystery Island, Vanuatu click here. 

My bathing suit is from Cotton On Body, I’ll link their site here. 


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